Sunday, April 11, 2010

Too much going on!

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There has been so much going on in my life the past few months. It's been very stressful and hectic. But, through it all, I've been squeezing in little snippets of time to spin and knit.
I've been working on some camel/tussah silk for a while now. After finishing that singles, I then spun some rambo/romney fleece and plied the two together. I spun each single rather thin, as I was hoping to achieve a 2-ply lace weight yarn. Well...success! Here's a pic of the final yarn. It turned out rather nicely and I'm so pleased with it.

And here are the before shots:

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Rambo/romney fleece on the spindles and camel/tussah silk on the roll.

Rambo/Romney fleece:

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Camel/Tussah silk on a tiny bottom whorl spindle

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