Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Score at the Thrift Store and Street Finds!

This past weekend I went thrifting. Not really looking for anything specific, just checking out the merchandise. I found this really nice, interesting looking chair for $5.00 (it was half off). I love the shape and simplicity of the chair. I'm wondering what, if anything should I do with it. Any suggestions?

I also found these sweet milk glass vases for $.50 a piece,

and this old tarnished silver platter for $3.50 (again, both half off). Check out the little feet on her!

I decided I could use them to change out the display on my dresser. Now, I'd seen vases like these before and simply passed them by. But, after seeing a lovely vignette somewhere out in blogland, I decided to give them a try. What could it hurt at that price? Turns out I love the way they look on my dresser.

This morning while taking my girls to school, I spotted this lovely cane back chair on the sidewalk. Apparently, the owner had put it out to trash. Well, now that I've gotten the thrifty decorating eye, I quickly got out of my car, inspected it, and finding it to be in great shape, threw it in my trunk. Talk about score!!!! Oh yeah!!!!

And it goes well with the other piece I had gotten from the Salvation Army a while back.

Looks like I got my work cut out for me with all my recent furniture finds!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Knitting and spinning

I started making a pair of knee socks for the "man." They are long overdue. I kept knitting and ripping until finally settling on just a plain knit sock. I'm using Filatura Lanarota's "Fashion Toes" which is a 90% superwash Merino Woll , 10% Nylon yarn. I love this yarn! Knit on size 1 needles makes a nice fabric for socks, and the socks are turning out well. Still have about 4-5 inches of leg left to do, then the long (size 12)feet to go.

Knee High Socks for the man

Also, I finally finished spinning up the bit of llama that accompanied the spindle that Janet gave me. . The spindle took a little getting used to, but it the end I was able to spin it as I wanted to. Fiber prep is extremely important when using these phang spindles. It really makes spinning much easier. The llama is really soft and nice. I wouldn't mind getting some more of this.

Phang spindle

Phang spindle 2

I think I'll eventually ply this bit of llama with some Romney lambswool (in the same natural color) that I'm working on and make a pair of lace wrist warmers-if there's enough yardage.