Sunday, June 26, 2011

Long time no post!

Well, it's been quite some time since I've posted. It's because I've been working crazy, long hours. When I get home late at night, I'm just too exhausted to do anything! And, as a result, this blog has been sorely neglected. I'm going to try my best not to let so much time pass again before I post again next time.

I really haven't had much time for crafting either. I've been squeezing it in here and there when I can. It's been really hard doing that, but it is what keeps me sane and I can't be away from my fibers for too long :).

Here's some things I've been working on lately:

Phang spindle purchased through a destash with some unknown fiber that accompanied the spindle

This phang is a good weight and it spins pretty well. I really enjoy working with it and like the color of the wood a lot. Good fiber prep is really the key to working with these types of spindles.

Carded cotton on a hookless tahkli spindle

Absolutely adore spinning up cotton. This hookless takhli is a nice tool. While it doesn't spin as fast as the hooked Indian takhli I have, it sure does hold way more fiber. I'm challenging myself to see how much fiber I can pack on it.

California Variegated Mutant wool being 3 plyed on a CD spindle

I'm almost done plying this wool. I had a blast spinning this fluffy, springy white wool. I have lots more of it to play with too!

Cashmere on a handmade wittled phang and simple toy wheel support spindle

The cashmere loves these two spindles. It spins so effortlessly! The phang works surprisingly well for me, now that I've gotten some good practice time in. I love it so much. Thanks Janet!

I was also gifted these two beautiful bead whorl spindles and cotton samples from a Ravelry friend. Thanks Jame! They spin very well, making a nice, thin thread. Cotton with silk nubs is on the clear glass bead spindle. I'm always fortunate to come in contact with some very generous fiber folks on line.

I'll be going on vacation in the coming week and I should have plenty of time to play with my fibers! It's hard to choose what to take with me. LOL!