Sunday, February 27, 2011

Freecycle Finds And Street Finds

Yay Freecycle! I've mentioned what Freecycle is in a previous post, so I won't wasate time going into again.

Here are some free cycle items I've gotten recently.

Not sure if I'll repaint that table, since I like the paint job.

Something is obviously missing from this table. I have no idea what was there, and the owner was using it as is to put shoes in. I'm going to fill the open space with baskets for storage.

I'm going to sand and paint the dresser, as I'm not loving the loving the look of it right now. I'll also change out the knobs. Then it should be fabulous.

Check out the old casters on the dresser legs!

I absolutely love the Vintage singer sewing machine table! The machine is not included. The owner had been given the table by a friend whose family had it for three generations. She says she didn't have room for it anymore. I gladly took it off her hands.
The detailing on the drawers is amazing! And the foot pedal still works!

Check out the high boy I found on the street. A neighbor, 3 houses away was throwing it out, and I rescued it as it was in great condition. Only the finial in the middle is missing. I have no before pictures, unfortunately. It was a blah honey brown color. This is how it looks now, after I sanded and painted it.

You know, it's strange. I never thought I'd be one to like antiques or vintage furniture. But now that I'm furnishing a new place that old (in age), it seems appropriate to have some vintage pieces. I also have been extremely inspired by the vintage furniture I've seen on so many decorating blogs. Finally, vintage pieces are perfect for the non-existent decorating budget, especially when it's FREE!
I like an eclectic mix of vintage and contemporary. That suits my style very well, I think. And speaking of contemporary...I rescued this lamp someone had put out one day when I was running errands.

It's made with some kind of paper!

I'm absolutely thrilled to have gotten these things. Free can be good.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Some of my favorite things

I wanted to share some of my favorite things. I've found that I'm a rather simple person really. Things found in nature bring me great pleasure. The tactile feel of things is really inspiring for me. Shells, stones,rocks, flowers, clay.... I have some others too, but I'll just share these for now.