Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Return from MIA....

Ok, so I've been MIA for a while. I have been sucked into a whirlwind called life. So much has happened, and there were bouts of anxiety. I have, however, succeeded in working myself through it all. Through it all I've had my crafting! Crafting has saved me - again! I have been able to finally use the sewing machine that my loving husband brought for me during mother's day 2012. I have been learning about beading techniques - so much fun and possibly a whole new addiction for me! I even learned how to weave on frame loom! Crochet has made a resurgence in my life! I've completed two wonderful shawls, and a shawlette - mentioned in a previous post - and have started a fourth! Spinning has slowed a bit, while I knit, crochet, bead and sew. This blog has been sadly neglected. I am hoping that I can change that and be a bit more consistent. So as not to end this post without pictures, I will share some recently completed work, as well as some works in progress. Fan of tassels shawl Amita shawl Shortie Shell capelet Shetland/alpaca laceweight handspun dyed in indigo and bonus indigo dyed ginned cotton Ginned cotton blended with bamboo and mulberry silk Ginned cotton with bamboo/mulberry silk and natural green cotton Honey cowl Babydoll southdown/German Angora /Kid Mohair laceweight - to be plied Bowtie pie crochet shawl Unknown wool 90%/10% sparkly trilobal nylon (which I couldn't capture in the photo!) Cheviot wool blended with mulberry silk

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  1. Jill you do such wonderful work :) I am so so proud of you !!! You have come a long way BABY! in so many different ways in life :) Love and miss you girl :)