Friday, March 20, 2015

Some Finished Objects and Some New Projects

I have more photos to share of things that I've been working on.
There are some beading pieces, seedlings for the garden, houseplants, etc.

Turquoise/Gold Netted Collar

Coral/Gold/Black Netted Collar

Polymer Clay/Leather Cord Necklace

Oilcloth Zippered Pouch

Plantain Salve (herb/weed gathered from my yard and infused in Olive Oil for 7 months!)

Lime/Honey/Sugar Scrub

Mother of All Plant (from One leaf given to me by a friend - yes, plants grow up from the leaves when placed on soil!)

Some Seedlings started this month

Experiments with Sweet potatoes (grown last year), Rose Cuttings, Broadleaf Thyme cuttings, Avocado Pits, and Moses in the Boat cuttings

I'm always busy doing something, trying something new! Fun!

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