Friday, November 27, 2009

Cotton yarn

Well, I've finished another cotton skein. This time, it's a pharmaceutical grade cotton that a friend from my spinning group and I split. It's pretty linty, but I got it to experiment spinning cotton on and it's working out pretty well, I think.
You'll recall the yarn from a previous post:

I decided to make a 4 ply skein with this yarn. I first wound the 4 spindle cops off onto a single paper towel roll, and plyed it off of that. This was a much easier choice than plying off the spindles itself. No tangles! The plying went really quickly too. Then, I skeined the yarn on my niddy noddy and got 196 yds. There was some left over on 2 of the spindles, but I just left that yarn and will add on to it later for another skein.

I'm very happy with this skein. Cotton is totally addictive. The spinning is very soothing and almost meditative, more so than wool, IMHO.


  1. This looks good. Will you dye the yarn?

  2. Wow, stunning! I can't believe that this is pharmaceutical cotton! Are you old enough to remember buying it in a roll at the drug store? It was wrapped in a sort of heavy tissue paper (blue) in a distinctive box. Every household had a box like that in its bathroom closet. This brought back a flood of memories, heh. Thanks!

  3. Hi Jame!
    I don't think i'll dye this one. I like the purity of the white. Maybe I'll do a nice little washcloth with it.

  4. Hey Rosemary. Thanks for the comment. I don't remember that, or at least my household didn't have it.

  5. LoL funny thing is I do remember it. Guess I am old enough. And Jill you amaze me what beautiful work you do. That yarn is awsome! Thanks for shareing!!! Marion