Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Four Year Spindle Project!

Yep! You read it right. I have a spindle project that took me four years to complete! I didn't intend for it to take that long. Really, I didn't. Let me tell you the story.... Four years ago when I taught myself to spin, I bought a 4 lb fleece from a nice lady shepherdess named Sandy at It was a beautiful natural colored Border Leicester/Romney/Suffolk fleece. I carefully washed it and then begun spinning it on spindles (that's all I had at the time). Well, later a wheel came along. But, I had vowed to spin the entire fleece (minus a few ounces which I shared with a couple friends)on my spindles. But then the spinning obsession hit in HARD! I started accumulating other fleeces and fibers and got side tracked. The spindle project was forever a work in progress (WIP). Well, finally, four years later, I'm proud to say that I'm finished with that project! The skein before this final one was a struggle because my spinning was getting finer over the years and I had to use my CD spindle (what I started spinning the fleece on) and force myself not to spin fine. I used my four spindles that my friend Marion so lovingly made for me to finish up my last skein and got 644 yards from that! Could have gotten way more yarn on the final spindle, but I finished the fleece. The final skein (which I finished plying yesterday) was spun at a much finer grist than the others because I just gave up fighting to keep it thick. I'd planned to make a sweater from the yarn. I'll just use the thinner yarn for socks or a small shawl. See all my hard work?

I'm really proud of myself right now. It took four years, but I'm finished now and I'm happy with my yarn. Now ask me how long it will take to make my sweater. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...........................


  1. Wow Jill I am so so so PROUD of YOU! Beautiful yarn! And makes us wonder how women got anything done in the day? But I do know in the beginning it was men so go figure. Ha! You have done a wonderful job! Marion

  2. You have a blog! Yay! What fun!

    Your spinning is so beautiful. I completely understand 4 year projects. I'm about 5 minutes away from finishing an afghan that I've been working on for just about that long. It's like I don't want to finish it - why did I stop with 5 minutes left to go? Interesting...

    Anyway, I can't wait to see your sweater. Do you have a pattern in mind? Are you going to design it yourself?

    Everyone just loves fingerless mitts (your previous post) and yours are really cute. What did you decide to do about the purple pair?