Thursday, December 30, 2010

Some things I'm working on

I've been working on some cotton that I have ignored for some time. I started spinning it with a vengeance since I've been home with the kids over the holiday break.

Variegated green cotton! Photo is not so clear and doesn't show the colors too well. The colors on the spindle show pretty well though. Spun directly from the hand ginned bolls.

White ginned cotton carded on wool cards

Progress on the CVM wool
Here is my progress on the CVM wool I posted on before. I've rolled 3 plying balls as I'm planning on making a 3 ply yarn.


  1. I'm a dope... I didn't realize you had a blog, Jillan! Thanks, as always, for the great eye candy. I could look at this all day!

  2. Hi Teri! The blog is relatively new and I don't get as much time to post as I'd like. I'm trying though. Thanks for the comment.