Thursday, December 16, 2010

Freecycle finds

Today, I scored well on Freecycle ( an organized yahoo group in your local area where people list things they have to give away, and people request things that they'd like - all for FREE!). Yay Freecycle!

I went to meet a lady who offered a small antique table. It had been stripped of paint, as she had intended to fix it up, but never got around to it. I got it and painted it. Should have taken some before pictures, but didn't think of it.

From this same lady, who was apparently cleaning out her apartment, I got a large, old, wooden frame that was gold in color and detailed with flowers or something. I painted that too, and put an old corkboard I had in it. Since the corkboard didn't fill the entire frame, I used a bit of burlap to cover the area . Now it's a message or picture board! I also forgot to take before pictures.

I also got a large potted plant and an old sign.

Here are the pics:

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