Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cotton grows in Brooklyn????

Yay! I'm doing a happy dance!

Folks, I love spinning cotton, and so, I wanted to experiment with growing it here in Brooklyn. Now, last year I tried growing some cotton (from seeds I ginned from purchased cotton bolls) when we lived in an apartment. I put it in bright sunny, west facing windows with no luck. An online friend said she had gotten some to grow in her south facing window in Ohio! So, this year, when we moved into our home, I decided to try it out in little pots in my north facing back yard. Well, let me tell you...cotton takes a long time to grow! I had two pots outside all summer long. One plant flowered and grew a boll. The other didn't. When the weather gold cold, I brought the pots inside and placed them in a very sunny south facing window. The boll grew and grew until finally, today, I noticed it had popped open! Inside is really some white cotton! Can you tell how thrilled I am? The second plant flowered and has a tiny boll growing on it. I never thought the plants would last long. They were showing signs of death. Leaves were drying up and falling off, even with watering almost every other day. But, those little plants are survivors!

Enough with the talk.... Let me show you what I"m talking about.

Well, well, well! I'll be......! Cotton can grow in Brooklyn! And I did it! Yes, sirree, I did it!!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Wow Awsome! Sounds like a book title Growing cotton in Brooklyn! LOL Love ya Marion

  2. That's amazing, I might have to try that some day! :D

  3. COOL!

    You can bring your pots inside and keep the plants alive over the winter - cotton is actually a perennial, but it freezes to death, so this is why it is planted every year. I once worked on a cotton research farm, and we had cotton TREES in the greenhouse - odd but true!

    I love spinning cotton, too. Check out